Pressure Relief Valve


  • MR's Pressure Relief Valve is a spring loaded type for handling over pressure in a various circumstances at the pipe line. Also this valve is to prevent air intake, evaporative lossed of products and help to contain odorous and potentially explosive vapours. Aluminium, Carbon-steel, Stainless Steel with various trims to meet customer's requirement or working conditions. Especially this type can have a balance valve for preventing pressure locking circumstances. Therefore, this valve can operate normal for any unexpected conditions.
  • Benefits
  • - Minimization of product lossed
    - Replaceable seat
    - Reduction of emissions
    - Excellent flow characteristics
    - Maintenance of pressure up to just below the maximum permissible (tank) pressure
  • Specification
  • Size: From 1" (ND 25A) To 12" (ND 300A)
    Pressure Range: From 700 mmH2O To 10000 mmH2O
  • Materials
  • NoDescriptionsSpec. 1Spec. 2Spec. 3
    - Special materials can available upon request.