Air / Vacuum Valve

Air / Vacuum Valve

Air/Vacuum Valves, also called large orifice valves, are designed to exhaust large quantities of air automatically during pipeline filling and to admit large quantities of air automatically when the internal pressure in the pipeline drops below atmospheric pressure.


  • Pressure & Vacuum Relief in a piping
  • Large capacity Venting & Vacuum relief for piping protection
  • Increase efficiency of water transport in a piping
  • Prevent overflowing
  • Easily cleaning the inside of air valve


Orifice 1/2inch (13mm) ~ 30inch (750mm)
Flange ANSI 1/2inch (13mm) ~ 30inch (750mm)
Material WCB, Stainless Steel, Ni-Al-Bronze, Duplex, Hastelloy, Incoloy series