Emergency Vent Cover

Emergency Vent Cover

MU REUNG’s ME30A/B Emergency Vent and Manhole Cover is an economical solution to present day emergency venting requirements.
It is designed to relieve excessive internal pressure in liquid storage tanks. Its economical price provides excellent protection against costly tank roof rupture repair.
API 2000/API 650


The MR’s Emergency Vent Cover is designed to provide an emergency pressure relief opening for storage tanks when exposed to over pressures that are not handled by standard tank vents. These vents provide the capacity to meet API standard 2000 for emergency venting due to fire exposure when properly sized.
Quick and easy access for tank inspection and maintenance is also provided. The MR’s emergency pressure relief vent provides pressure relief & vacuum relief.


  • Easy installation, convenient handling
  • Aluminium, Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel
  • High capacity Venting & Vacuum relief for storage tank protection
  • Optimized flow capacity


Size From 16″ (ND 400A) To 24-in (ND 600A)
Type Weight Loaded type & Spring Loaded type
Set Pressure From 100 mmH20 To 700 mmH20
Flange API 650, ASME B16.5 FOR 150# or KS/JIS 5K/10K


No. Description Spec.1 Spec.2 Spec.3
1 Body A216-WCB A351-CF8M A890-4A
2 Cover A240-304 A240-316 S31803
4 Cover Pad A240-304 A240-316 S31803
5 Guide 304 SS 316 SS 316 SS

– Special materials can available upon request.