N2 Blanketing System

N2 Blanketing System

Control device to maintain a constant pressure state by injecting
N2 gas, that is, inert gas to upper room of the tank.
The NB2L series ensure that the gas pressure of storage tank remained constant & prevent vacuum state when it has removing liquid in the storage tank or the temperature going down. Also N2 gas will be supplied in order to maintain pressure.


The NB2L is a direct-acting valve using a single over-sized diaphragm actuator. The over-sized diaphragm actuator provide high sensitivity to change in storage tank pressure, which is increasing the accuracy.
The NB2L is fully balanced under all operating circumstances. This advantages make it possible to operate reliably with any inlet-pressure. And also the setting pressure is easily controlled by a single adjusting screw.


  • Reduces evaporation loss of the products to minimize the formation of vapor in the tank
  • Removes explosive factors by controlling hazardous gas ingredients from vapor space in the tank
  • Prevents products from damage by inflow of unnecessary moisture and air
  • Prevents explosion by controlling electrostatic spa
  • Promotes delivery rate of product by decreasing of discharging time of product
  • Prevents the modification of tank by controlling vacuum in the tank


Size From 1/2″ (ND 15A) To 2-in (ND 50A)
Max In-let Pressure 10 kgf/cm2
Set Pressure From 20 mmH20 To 500 mmH20


No. Description Spec.1 Spec.2 Spec.3
1 Body A351-CF8 A351-CF8M B26-319
2 Cover B26-319 B26-319 B26-319
3 Orifice A240-304 A240-316 A240-304
4 Disc A240-304 A240-316 A240-304

– Special materials can available upon request.